The Language Management Approach

Lisa Fairbrother, Jiří Nekvapil and Marián Sloboda (Eds.), 2018, The Language Management Approach: A Focus on Research Methodology. Prague Papers on Language, Society and Interaction. Berlin: Peter Lang.



Methodology in language management research
Lisa Fairbrother, Jiří Nekvapil and Marián Sloboda

Part Ⅰ: Linking language management research with other theories

Language planning‘schools’and their approaches and methodologies
Richard B. Baldauf Jr. and M. Obaidul Hamid

On the strategies of managing language problems
István Lanstyák

Part Ⅱ: Exploring the connections between micro- and macro-level management

Questions submitted to two language cultivation agencies in Sweden
Björn Jernudd

Interaction between langugage users and a language consulting centre: Challenges for language management theory and research
Martin Beneš, Martin Prošek, Kamila Smejkalová and Veronika Štěpánová

Utilisation of Language Management Theory in framing interview pro formas
Nor Liza Ali, Richerd B. Baldauf Jr., Nor Mawati Mohd Shariff and Amerrudin Abd Manan

The struggle to promote an African language at a South African university: A language management perspective
Stephanie Rudwick

Part Ⅲ: Exploring micro-level management

Methodology of Japanese studies: The stage of data collection
J.V. Neustupný

Methodological considerations for the study of accustomed language management: An ethnographic approadh
Hidehiro Muraoka, Sau Kuen Fan and Minjeong Ko

Personal empowerment through language management
Junko Saruhashi

Using email interaction reports to gain access to the management cycle: A study of Japanese students during study abroad
Lisa Fairbrother

The longitudinal management of speech styles by overseas and local students in a Japanese university context
Hirofumi Asada

Managing a literary text: The perspective of a native and a non-native speaker
Magdalena Hromadová

Part Ⅳ: Exploring attitudes towards languages and varieties

The focus group discussion as a source of data for language management research: Discussing the use of non-standard language on television
Kamila Mrázková

Family language management in a multilingual setting: The case of Turkish families in Prague
Helena Özörencik


The historical position of Language Management Theory
J.V. Neustupný